Friday, September 25, 2009

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the most cherished memory of my precious angel is....

  • Jessica C. From the time of the pregnancy test to seeing Roman for the first time, how beautiful & perfect he was and how nervous i was to see him but how relieved and glad i am that i did, the short time in hospital we got to have him with us, the precious short time of viewing his details and trying to keep every bit in my memory ♥
  • Barbra S. the time i spent with my sleeping angels alone to say my hellos and goodbyes,i will never forget how they looked,smelled,and how precious they are.from the moment i found out i was pregnancy i talked to them in my belly felt there little movements i will never forget the conversations i had with them before they were even born.R.I.P Shauna and Cheyanne
  • Lauren R. holding him in my arms and taking in every detail of him
  • Robyn S. The day I found out I was pregnant and right to the day Jesse grew his wings x x x
  • Candice H. Holding my little man for the first and final time, kissing his head and telling him I'll love him forever
  • Simone B. Everything i saw, held, kissed, cuddled, n the pain fadin away from my little girl Xx
  • Kay N. D and I laying in bed together, and D would get so into telling Daniel the most ridiculous crazy stories. So cute. Such a precious memory
  • Kirsty H. kissing his tiny hand before we left the hospital , precious memories xx love you little man xx
  • Mandy K. the day i found out i was having my 1st and only gorgeous little girl xxxx love u with all my heart Kiera xxxx
  • Amber H. everything.. My time with Kailah was so short that i cherish every single second. Today marks the 4th year of her birth/death and i miss her everyday. Please when u say your prayers tonight, say one for my little angel ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ thank u
  • Vicky H. Seeing my son for the first time telling him i love him and not to be scared and that mummy daddy Jordan and ruby will never forget him x x x miss u so much Sammuel xxx
  • Jeda S. I remember her cold lips, i would kiss them and it was like she was breathing ice they were so cold.. i would put my warm lips to hers to try and give her my breath. Kayla was my chubba bubba born sleeping at 41
  • Helen C. holding Shannon for the 12 hours i could and kissing her face and telling her how much i loved and wanted her xx
  • Charity R... ...Simply... him. my precious boy Lenny.
  • Michele H. holding my Johnny is my arms the hour he was alive is my most precious memory
  • Jeanie W. My most precious memory is that of my wiping Zoe's tiny little bloody nose. She was already gone but that act of mothering means so much to me......
  • Angela O.F......Wrapping him in a blanket, and combing her hair.
  • Crystal D kissing her cold little head, holding her tiny hand for so long that when my mom came into visit she said "shes not cold at all" Its because i wouldn't let her go.What I would give to feel her again.
  • Melanie N. remembering her gawjus smile that lit up the darkest rooms-nanna loves you Brookie †
  • Colleen M. Seeing him smile; even after a tough day of chemotherapy; and his giggle could warm your heart in seconds. He had a wonderful happy outlook on life; we all learned so much from him...he was such a young teacher. Who knew we could all learn from a baby. Forever missed, loved and cherished.I miscarried a baby at 6 months; I felt "Bubbles" kick a lot before then. Bubbles often got the hiccups, and it felt like he/she was dancing inside...never forgotten and forever missed.
  • Amber B. Seeing his amazing little feet and marveling at the perfection of God's work. The day he had hiccups while he was on the ultrasound screen. The first time I felt him move around in my belly. The way he moved away from the needle when the doctor did an amniocentesis. Seeing him sucking his thumb in so many ultrasound photos-- just like his daddy did! Singing to him when I took a shower at the hospital... all the nurses thought I was funny!
  • Connie W,. Mine is when we brought him home and to my aunts house to see my mother who was really sick and wanted to mean Kyler before she went to heaven. And she held him so tight and they were just so centent. She passed away a few weeks later.
  • Aimee W.....Everything about her. Can't pick just one wonderful memory xxx Megan xxx
  • Carissa M.... .when i held her hand for the first time, it was the first time i touched her, in the humid crib
  • Kristie L.C. The day I found out he was in me and also the day I got to hold him and dress him. I will never forget how peaceful he looked and also 2 days later when I went to say my final goodbye to him he had a little smile on his face, I will take that smile with me wherever I go, I miss you beautiful boy xo
  • Cath M. When they put him in my arms after I woke from my emergency caesar. He was the most beautiful little baby I have ever seen, he was so warm and soft and it felt just beautiful to have him skin to skin on my chest.Love you lots baby Finn..xoxo
  • Emma B. I can't pick just one he was just so perfect. I loved him from the beginning of my pregnancy. Still love him and always will. Love both my angels.
  • Emma S. The day I found out about her. The fear and the amazement of a new life was incredible. And how her memory has changed peoples lives. That makes it special
  • Pauline S........ everything to do with him
  • Caroline B .....I remember how heavy Hayley was, she was my biggest baby. How she looked exactly like her older sister. Even though she was very pretty much bald she was my only baby that red hair like me. I remember holding Hayley for the last time and telling her how much I loved her and always will.

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