Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A poem for Austin

Hayley Hogan mum to precious angel Austin

Austin how we wanted you,
we waited night and day
for you to come into the world
so we could all say 'hey'.
A little brother for Lissy to hold.
A son for daddy and me.
But now you've flown into the clouds,
it wasn't meant to be.
Our hearts are truely broken.
Our world a dark dark place.
I can't believe I'll never see a smile on your cute face,
or start to sit up on your own,
or even start to crawl,
or get your dinner everywhere,
or even kick a ball.
I wonder what you would be doing
every minute of every day.
I realise you'll never be here with me
no matter how much I pray...
not in body anyway
but I know you'll always be
a little angel who I can't see
but sits right next to me.
I just thank God I had the chance
to grow you in my tummy,
keeping you safe and warm inside
and knowing IM your mummy.
For nine long months we looked forward
to that special day
when you would come to meet us
but God took you away.
He thought you were just too special
to live on this cruel Earth,
knowing that is what gets me through
because I know your true worth.
God has a special job for you
up in that bright blue sky-
look after all the other
angel babies when they die.
Your presence here though has not been missed
because your Daddy and me
have realised how much we'll love each other
for all eternity.
We wont take things for granted,
not one single kiss.
We've simply, truly realised
just how precious our love is.
Be a good boy, won't you?
Until Lissy, Daddy and me
come play with you in Heavens playground
for the rest of eternity.
So, for now, sweet dreams precious little man,
you've really done us proud.
Austin, our little angel baby
dancing in the clouds.

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