Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grieving Fathers

Dear Daddy,
I know I touched your life so deep
I wish I hadn’t made you weep
Like a beautiful rainbow, I had to fly away
My time with you was brief, I was not meant to stay
Thank you for giving me life and for loving me
I know how much you wish to hold me,
have a baby the world can see
But know that I am with you always
In the comforting warmth of the sun’s rays
I’m in the stars and the waves of the ocean blue
You are my daddy and I love you
Listen as my voice whispers to you on the breeze
My song will take flight among the trees
Even though we’re apart
I’m really with you, snug in your heart
I’m your little girl, I’ll be with you forever
I’m your angel girl and I have the best daddy ever!
Your Baby

1 comment:

Mary said...

That is beautiful.