Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New team member- Angel mum Trish

Most of you know ,that last December, I became passionate about the Angel cause. I have been networking with a lot of groups in the cause. Learning so much about angel babies, about the need for change.I have spoken to a lot of angel parents message came in clear - there is lack of beautiful sweet white angel burial gowns. So here I am...

Today, I would like to share with you how a story from an angel mum a world away, has impacted my life.

I have placed a very personal question on a massage board of Angel Babies ... gone too soon - Canadian foundation. I received an overwhelming response from angel mums all over the world... however one lady's story has touched me so deeply .
Trish angel mum to Danielle, told me about the hopes and wishes she held in her heart. Hopes and wishes of giving her precious angel Danielle a white burial gown with tiny embroidered pink rosebuds... her baby's name and the date of her passing... How much she wanted the best for her youngest daughter . How much it hurt her heart, because she couldn't do I was reading and crying an email came through from Trish, with her instructions as to what it is I should be doing and how I should approach providing the information to the new angel parents. This mum was so so amazing ! She didn't just tell me - she said I know I am far away but I would like to help anyway you need me to help.
So, here we are .... Trish is my volunteer Chief Editor for angel babies. You have come across her name on all my booklets, here on my blog and on the facebook . This woman doesn't stop to amaze me...
Yesterday, Trish became a member of my blog. Trish wishes to greet the new angel families . Trish mum to angel Danielle, is my friend who trusted me to do the right and proper thing for the new angel babies... It is both of our hearts' desire to work together to bring about a change into the lives of so many grieving families. Together we will make waves across the world. Together we will make positive impact on so many lives. Thank you Trish, thank you so so much. You have an amazing way with words... I have an amazing gift in my hands... we complete each other's work in this so precious and much needed angel cause. Love always Dana

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