Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye sunshine
warm rays shone from the sky
Hello, Goodbye moonbeams
the stardust in your eyes
Hello, Goodbye noble victor
you've won your earthly race
Hello, Goodbye tiny footprints
you'll never leave in this place
Hello, Goodbye precious moments
we will never forget
Hello, Goodbye tiny heartbeats
Heavenly Hosts you have met
Hello, Goodbye lovely babies
your lives ended at only the start
Hello, Goodbye this side of Heaven
you'll always live in our hearts.

In loving memory of
William Adam Kennedy October 26, 2004
Robert Nicholas Kennedy October 30, 2004
Ashley Nicole Kennedy October 30, 2004
Noah McLaurin September 30, 2003
By Kelly Kennedy,
Adam, Bobby & Ashley's Mama

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