Saturday, March 14, 2009

New order unisex silk christening gown

For the past couple of days ,I have been chatting to Raechelle . I asked her if should would allow me to share her emails with you, my readers.

"...I'll admit when I went to your site the first time I cried hard seeing your angel burial dresses. I never got to see my little Sadie, or the first 2 babies I lost very early. Losing a baby is so hard, and my heart goes out to the families that you make the gowns for. You are truly an angel. I mean it. What a perfectly heavenly gown for them to wear with their wings..."

I really want the unisex Sam gown. I think it is gorgeous and would be perfect for my little man, and for him to pass down to his kids. I really want a long gown……..we are having a photographer take pics of the whole event and I think the pics during the baptism would be awesome if his skirt was long enough to be draped down as we hold him. I think I’ve cried three times this morning already. I am just so excited. Thank you thank you thank you.

p.s. my son’s name is Kailen Samuel Lawrence Rader and his baptismal date is 4/5/09. We are going to a different state for his baptism (where I grew up) and leaving in a couple of weeks which is why it is such a rush. His name is pronounced Ky-len. It means “warrior” in gaelic. He is my little warrior. Samuel is because my 6 year old daughter called him Sammy Cowboy while he was inside of me. Who knows why. And Lawrence is a name that goes back generations in my family with nearly every man having it as a part of his name. I don’t know why I felt compelled to tell you all this but I just want to you know about the very special little boy you are making a gown for. *grin*

Its so ironic that the gown is named Sam because both of Kai’s grandpas call him SAM not Kai. I wish I was getting it in the mail tomorrow. I don't know how I'm going to wait for next week!!! I don't mind if you make any part of my emails public. I'm certainly going to advertise for you on my blog and on all of my parenting groups. Our babies are so precious to us, and so hard won..."

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