Saturday, December 6, 2008

Update on my premie gowns job

Last Thursday, I have received this lovely email

Hello Dana,
I have been on your web site and you do have some gorgeous gowns.
How far in advance does an order need to be placed for a custom made gown??I can't believe that a person with such talent is producing this work locally, good on you.Regards Teresa

My work continues on the gift I am preparing for the premie babies at the RCH intensive Care Unit. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the permission from the hospital to hand deliver them before Christmas.You know me, I am all about personal contact with parents and their beloved little angels. Christmas is such a special time of the year and a bit of giving ought to be on everyone's To Do List, don't you think ?

I am having an absolute ball coming up with the embroidery for the silk little gowns. They are so so small :) and very precious !

Our Princess design has been done in two colours of pink embroidery

These are the hand made little silk gowns so far... already a bit of a collection !

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