Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Julia -One Off silk heirloom baby girl christening gown

I have stitched the silk dupion short sleeves in. Now, before I move onto the seam bounding , the excess fabric needs to be trimmed down to about 5 mm away from the seam edge .

The final stages of seam binding.

Here it is ! JULIA - The brand new baby girl white silk heirloom christening gown ! I hope you like it as much as I do ! The unique layout of the
machine embroidery complements the lace inserts. The over all design of this baptismal gown reflex the years gone by. This unique traditional silk christening gown will draw a lot of comments and attention from your guests.
This gown is part of my One Off Only christening gowns range. Any sales enquiries can be made through this email link.

Close up of the sleeve gathering, as you can see I have used a very generous length of silk fabric for the gathering. The lace looks absolutely smashing ! I am very happy and proud of my work ! I wonder what is next ? Do you ?

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