Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hand made baptismal gown - Almost at the finish line

This is a trial... I have placed a delicate embroidered front chest panel next to the lined skirt shell of this new heirloom christening gown. As you can see the sleeve complements its greatly. The 3 mm double sided satin ribbon adds a classic heirloom appearance to this handmade baptismal treasure.

The view of the white silk dupion chest panels with the same fabric matching piping running across....

I have taken a photo of the front chest joint. I am very pleased with the delicate embroidery design ! It is so soft and feminine !

Now, the back chest side panels are being stitched in place.... I am sure you have noticed a very scares use of pins in some of the photos ?! I have come to perfection of stitching seams in the handling of the little heirlooms. I use the flat lining panel as the guide. All the seams have a 5 mm allowance, which makes it very easy to guide the sewing machine foot.

Time to pin in the right side of the back panel to the christening gown. The piping makes a great guide for the perfect final result.

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