Saturday, August 30, 2008

Unique Christening Gowns - christening quote from Best Baby Shower

Today , I have received this permission from Leanne. I have been given an O.K. to entice your taste buds to visit the Best Baby Shower .

"...As long as you make sure that it is clear there are copyright issues on the text and it cannot be copied for personal use. You have to also link it back to an actual product on our site and state that use of the poem comes only with purchase of the product....Leanne Stevenson."

Grandpa's Heart
While I waited those months for you,
I reflected on the things we'd do.
I would be your special friend,
Have secrets to share and pennies to spend.
I would tell you of the past,
Leave you memories that would always last.
I would grant you every wish,
Like biggers scoops in your ice cream dish.

The above quote from Terri Harrison's poem is copyrighted and may not be copied for personal use. It comes only with the purchase of the Grandpa and Grandma's Heart Frame

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