Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spirits of the butterflies . By Claire Marritt

" Spirits of the butterflies "
Written by Claire Marrit

Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered about life? Where we go after we die? Do it all just end or is there a greater good? I think most of do at one time or another in life.. one day i stopped, i was busy walking through our busy city on a very hot day, i sat down for a moment all hot sweaty and bothered, i watched people passing me busy busy, without a care..then i got thinking.
Was there more care then i could see? No one has an imprint on thier heads of what is going on in thier lives like myself. No one could tell with thier quick glances of looking at me as to why i was looking at them, that i held my baby in my arms, as quiet as a statue and as still as one. No one could tell i had said goodbye and had to bury my child, no one could see the pain that lives on inside my heart every day.
How even though im looking at these poeple, watching them pass, even this brings back the thoughts of my child. Every day something will make me think of that terrible day, the day my life change.. and then the tears sprang to my eyes..and it was then a beautiful white butterfly fluttered past my face, then over my heard then sat itself on a leaf nearby..
I watched as two small children went over to look at the little beauty as it sat so quiety, watching us watching him , I wondered if this butterfly had a story to tell ..and then a man came and sat by my side, he nodded at the butterfly and said :
'Hello mr butterfly, i see your white wings so you have traveled with many spirits today and come al ong way. You have had your rest now and this lovely lady has seen you, time to fly away to the next person who needs you''
With that the butterfly spread his wings and flew away!
Uncomfortable now sitting next to this mad man, he smiled at me , I smiled back, ready to pick up my bags and scurry away,''isnt it funny how everyone is in a rush these days? Some people wont even stop and listen to an old man tell the tail of the spirits of the butterflies''I turned to the old man and smiled , I looked at his kind blue eyes and realised I was in no rush so I nodded , ready to listen and im so glad I did as he told me what I needed to know.
''A long time ago the world had lost its colour, people started to look grey and bleak, clothes and items had no colour, even children started to laugh less. Trees were bare and grass was thin , flowers were not blooming , and ladies and gents sat and cried grey tears. A war had just finished leaving so many people devistated, so many people sad.. colour was being forgot.The powers that be, and i say this as i am not a religeous man and do not intend on throwing any beliefs on anyone, saw this lack of colour. Where they stood high above us all they saw beautiful colours and happiness and laughter, all the soilders who had died in the war were with them, all the babies and children who had died to illness were with them and all the elderly loved ones who had passed were with them, and they too could see this great big bleak look on the earth below "
''I wish we could visit them and tell them how happy we are, how at peace we are, then they would see that we are full of colour and so should they be
''said a young lady to the powers that be.
They nodded in agreement, looking down at earth at all the sadness, they know they had to come up with something quick. So they asked the children of the colourful playground to come up with something, something to take colour joy and happiness to everyone below.
''We need something that can fly , something pretty, something rare,''
''We need something that makes children smile and adults wonder and look at it''
With this the powers that be made a tiny ugly looking creature..'That wont do!!'' said the children of the colourful playground '' it is too tiny to be seen or noticed''
''You was once tiny like this, yet you are very much loved by so many and you are very much noticed, trust us little ones, one day this beautiful creature will grow beautiful wings, just like you have, but with wonderful colours from your playground, and they will be able to fly around and they shall spread colour too all below'' the children cheered and the powers that be sent down thier gift.
One hot day on the earth below an old lady was rocking on her chiar in her front garden, she saw this little creature crawling up her porch..she watched as he surrounded himself in a shell like toom and hid itself away from the world.''How sad'' she said '' you poor tiny thing, what a long journey you made to come and die in such a strange way right here, well i shall not remove you, you can stay at peace, here with me".For days the old lady sat on her chair and talked to the shell, as if she had a friend with whom to chat to.
At last, one night the old lady could not sleep so she went and sat on her chair with a cup of coffee, she was feeling breathless and tired but so restless, she knew her time was coming so she went for one final chat with her strange little friend.
As she sat talking the most amazing thing happened, the shell started to open up and the old lady watched in her chair as a wonderful beautiful amazing creature came out, with 4 white wings!
It sat there staring at her and she smiled in pleasure at how beautiful her little friend was . she sat back in her chair relaxed and took her last breath.
The old lady sat upon the wings of the beautiful white butterfly, as they flew higher and higher into the sky, until they reached a beautiful colourful place.
Children greeted the new creature with much excitment, and her family who had long past greeted her too.''wow little caterpilla my have you grown!'' Said one little girl '' When you was down below we named you, a caterpilla but with them beautiful wings you really need a new name now''
''I feel we should call him butterfly''
said the old lady and it was agreed.
The old lady noticed a new colour on his wing, a lovely orange tint had come on.'oh my'' she said '' he was all white i hope i didnt damage him''.
The children rushed the butterfly to the powers that be who realised that every time a spirit sat upon thier wings they got a new colour added to thier wings. Over night they made a decision and the butterfly and his many friends they had sent down to the earth below had a new mission for all days.
'' We have decided, that all spirits here can travel every now and again and visit thier loved ones, they can ride upon the wings and give the butterfly much more colour''
With this children and family members climed upon the wings , all different colours popped onto the wings of the butterflys, some stayed white , these were the ones that babies were carried on.
They flew down to the earth below and they flew to family and freinds, each time people gathered and stared, smiled and laughed, some children even tried to play catch and they doged left and right , they rested every now and again for the butterflys, next to a family or freind who needed them, hoping they will enjoy the colour , and the beautiful gift they have sent.
Then they flew back up to the place high above ready for another visit another day.
'So'' Said the old man. '' When you see a butterfly now you will know you have been visited by a loved one , if it an all white one it is babies, most likely your own baby?''
I looked at him startled and he smiled
'' That butterfly was very white, he sat right near you , i could tell from your face you was feeling low, hence why you had your visit today, so for now on you will know when your child has come visit you''
I turned to the leaf with tears in my eyes, I for some reason knew this man was speaking the truth, I could feel it in my heart. I turned back round to thank him but the old man had gone. Feeling refreshed and happy I stood up and I heard children laughing nearby, all the children were in bright coloured clothes, thier mums watching with big proud smiles and the children rushed around chasing and playing with a group pf butterflies full of differnt colours.
Thank you Claire
for allowing me to share your beatiful butterfly story here
on my blog and on fb Fan Support Page
Loving ~ angel hugs ~ to your precious angel Ellie ,
your friend Dana xox


Reese said...

Beautiful... what can i say? this is such a wonderful story :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Marrit,

I have to tell you that I have seen so many White Butterflies around my home and family this summer and we believe it is our Mother visiting us since she passed away a few months ago.

These butterflies have been flying around me or us real close for long periods of time. One was a beautiful yellow and black one but the rest were white. A White Butterfly just recently followed my sister through a nature trail and we think it was because our Mother (who was always very overprotective) probably wanted to make sure my sister got through okay since our mother would not have liked my sister walking about the trail. Even her boyfriend walking with her noticed that it was unbelievably odd for this butterfly to follow the whole way through.

Twice a white butterfly came out from behind my mother's tombstone while visiting her and they passed by our legs. The second time that happened I was crying to my mom cause I miss her so much and then suddenly a White Butterfly showed up to say hello. I believe it was my Mom trying to comfort me, which it did, it suddenly stopped my tears and made me smile.

Last night, a White Butterfly flew by my nose and as I walked into the house it came in with me and stayed overnight. Today I saw three, two were playing together and the other one was keeping close enough to be noticed as it lingered about.

I see them everywhere, everyday, the White Butterflies. I too believe it's my Mom visiting us. I'd like to think that my Mom is riding on the wings of these beautiful White Butterflies and now every time I see them I always think of my Beautiful Mother and I smile.