Monday, January 19, 2009

Angel Babies website link

I have found this beautiful Angel Babies website. It is a moving tribute to a set of twins
KRYSTAL SARIEL BORN 11.40PM 31st December 2007

CAMERON AZRAEL BORN 12.35PM 1ST January 2008
This is one of the several comforting poems from the site:
Dear mother, dry your tears today, you know I love you so.
It hurts me much to see you cry, oh mother, don't you know?
I'll never leave you all alone, I never left your heart,
God took me by the hand that day but said we'd never part.

He kept His promise to me, I visit all the time,
You are the sweetest mother an Angel here could find.
If I could write a letter, I'm sure you know I
would To let you know I'm safe from harm and Heaven is so good!

I'm here with many Angels, so many that you know!
Our family sends all their love to you on earth below.

We know one day we'll meet again when one day you come home,
We've saved a place for you dear mum, it's near our Father's throne.
We'll wrap our arms around you mum and lead you up God's stairs,
'Til then dear mum, please carry on and dry those streaming tears
This was one of the several comforting poems from Angel Babies website. Do pay it a visit , you are welcome to sign their guest book :) Hugs Dana

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