Monday, December 1, 2008

Smashing boy's silk christening outfit

I thought you might like to see the close up of the baby blue Ted christening booties. The embroidery of the Ted was done in baby blue thread. The bible pages, cover and the small cross are done in the matching off white silk embroidery thread. The parents loved the booties, their choice of the embroidery threads was very specific so that the softness of the embroidery would blend in with their baby son's plain off white silk christening outfit.

I had to share with you this photo ! The bootee on the right has a 10 cm length of the sole. Diesel's sole measures 12,5 cm. What an amazing comparison, don't you think !

Few shots of the complete christening outfit. The silk christening pants are fully lined with a couple of pleats at the front . I love this design of the baptismal pants. It is such a grown up little man's garment, don't you think ?

The back view.... elasticated waist at the back .

Full length view of Diesel christening outfit. I love it and I hope the parents are happy with this stunning handmade christening set. The personalised choice of their son's christening outfit design makes it even more special, don't you agree ?

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