Friday, December 19, 2008

More Angel gowns

I have three more Angel sets to share with you.... Here they are. I have been stitching all of them using white silk with white and baby blue and pinks embellishments. Should you require any further information please email me. I will be updating my website before Christmas - I hope ! There is so much to do. Mind you I have another 20 cotton cut out and waiting to be made. I have donated twenty burial pouches and six cotton gowns with matching bonnets to be used by our local Bonnie Babes grief counsellor . She will be passing them directly to the Angels parents on her call outs to our local Werribee Mercy Hospital. I know this subject is very touchy for some - but this is a real world for a lot of parents ! I am so glad I have come across this unfortunately painful need in our community. Let's change it !

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Poetryman said...

wings for a Angel. sweet.