Thursday, November 20, 2008

Embroidery for the traditional white silk gown

The white silk thread machine embroidery for this brand new heirloom christening gown will involve three frame changes. The finished embroidery will be just under 50cm long and 20 - 22 cm wide at the widest point.

This photo captured the third frame embroidery.

Once it is taken off the machine it doesn't really look too impressive ! A good press over will improve the look dramatically... I can't wait to see it ! The front panel will be 60 cm wide and gathered tightly .

Looks much better, doesn't it ? I have pressed the silk panel for the heirloom christening gown. Now, which laces should I choose ? Decisions, decisions !

I have found the first frame.... out of order as usual. I have been having trouble with photos loading up in wrong order. I hope you don't mind it ? I suppose my expertise is in design and seam stressing department. Computers are not my strongest point :)

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