Sunday, October 12, 2008

Storing heirloom treasures by Marilyn

Remember the five things to consider
when storing heirloom treasures:
Temperature, humidity, lighting, cleaning and storage material.
*Make sure the article is clean. Remove jewelry, and any metal buttons as metal may corrode and cause staining...If it needs to be dry cleaned do so......
* Choose a large, roomy box with plenty of room for air circulation. It is suggested to use an acid free, lignin free box.
*Before handling the garment wash and dry your hands, do not put on lotions or creams. You can use white cotton gloves if you prefer.
*Lay a clean white sheet on a flat surface and cover it with a layer of acid and lignin free tissue. For cotton fabric you can use buffered tissue when folding the garment. Bonnets, slip, bibs and so forth are wrapped separately. They can go in the box with the dress. Stuff some of the tissue into the sleeves and bodice to prevent creases as these lead to a breakdown of the fibers in the fabric.
*Place the garment in the box and store in an interior closet shelf. External walls can have extreme temperature and humidity swings which need to be avoided.
* Once a year inspect the garment. You will be able to see if there are any developing troubles and corrective measures can be taken.
* Do not store in a cedar chest (or closet) or in a regular cardboard box. Do not store it in an airtight container of plastic. Avoid storing in a damp basement or near direct heat sources.

I have come across this interested piece by Marilyn on one of the sites during my searches .Marilyn invites you to visit her website for further storage ideas.

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