Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unique Christening Gowns - customer comments

I would like you to list a couple of thoughts in your comment to the following question :
My child's christening is important to me , because .....
a) it is a celebration of my child's life
b) my child is part of the church community
c) washing away the signs
d) Occasion for family and friends to get together
e) begin the faith journey with your child

You are welcome to add your own comments.
Anonymous comments are welcomed :)

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Katman said...

Hi Dana. Christening, to me, means an official introduction into God's love. Although I am a practicing christian, I believe that every child, christened or not, is a child of God. The christening, to me, is a like a big 'wake up' call to us parents - that God's saying 'I'm watching how you bring our child up!'