Monday, July 7, 2008

Christening Gowns - customer comment

Dana; Carlos and I just want to say how pleased we are with the gown.... it’s just a dream.I’m so happy we both contributed to the final outcome – it just made it all the more special as God Parents. Your guidance and effort to make sure everything was just as we had hoped was magical too. Thanks you’re an absolute angel. Being in the design industry ourselves it’s inspiring to see the passion and skill you have in what you do and create.
We wish you much happiness and deserved prosperity with Unique Gowns.
Take care
Carm & Carlos


Anonymous said...

Wow Dana, this is absolutely gorgeous, well done. Of course your work is magnificent all the time & having visited your gown studio & seen all the lovely gowns it is awe inspiring - anybody who wants a special 'unique' gown should not hesitate to visit your wide selection of styles. I compliment you on your web site & daily blogs, they are great to read - regards - Judy of Queensland

Katman said...

Hi Dana,
Nice to see such a lovely appreciative comment. Your craft is awesome & I hope you receive lots more customer comments (ie lots more orders!) to reflect your expertise.