Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Christening baptism verse poem

Dear [NAME]
On [NAME’S] Christening Day
A blessing from God,
a beam of sunshine
Little Angel, features so fine
Special times, happiness,
love and fun
Sweet little miracle
who’s life has just begun.

[NAME’S] Christening Day,
is a special celebration
to thank the Lord
for his perfect creation
We wish you all the very best,
now and forever
A loving family,
on life’s journey together.

I would like to thank Julia and Gary Blakeman for kindly allowing me to use some of their lovely christening baptism verse and poem quotes on my blog. Thank you so much to you both .... Dana



Katman said...

That's lovely. Wehave our second child due in 2 weeks & intend to get the Christening sorted outfaster than we did the first one (18 months!). That little Chrisening poem may just come in very useful!!

Unique Gowns said...

I know the experience of raising the first child is very overwhelming ! It gets easier and you will acctually enjoy "the baby months" more . Nice to see you back katman . Good luck :) Dana