Saturday, May 10, 2008

Unique Christening Gowns

We are proud to announce our participation in this years'
We will have a wide variety of our stunning christening gowns
and accessories on display.You will be able to see and admire
our unique range in christening gowns .
Please feel free to stop by for a chat.
We would love to hear your comments
and suggestions for wider range of designs.
The Melbourne Exhibition Centre Southbank
Friday 17 - Sunday 19 October 2008


When Ladies Dressed said...

Your gowns are just stunning! I'm sure that your creations will become heirlooms enjoyed by future generations. When I lived in England, I planned to make christening gowns to sell. I was going to do craft shows with two friends who were talented and creative. However we moved back to the US and that never materialized. Just stunning work! - Kellie

Anonymous said...

From Drammar, over on Live Journal in response to your comment there:

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it!

It was handmade over 64 years ago by my grandmother for my sister's baptism. The lace around the bottom of the skirt and the slip as well as the lace on the sleeves and bodice are all narrow strips, sewn together by hand. The gown itself is a delicate cotton.

The gown was worn by my sister in 1944, me in 1950, my daughter in 1975 and now my granddaughter in 1994.

I'd love to know who pointed you in my direction over on LJ.... and I truly admire the work you do as shown on your blog. Thanks for dropping by!

Rachel said...

Your gowns are just beautiful!
My Mum bought me a handmade Christening Gown when I was pregnant with my first child. It's now been worn four time by each of my children. I'd love to incorporate their names somehow to the lining of the dress (embroidery?) Have you ever done anything like that?
Thank you for commenting on my blog.

Unique Gowns said...

Rachael....incorporate their names somehow to the lining of the dress (embroidery?) Have you ever done anything like that?

Yes, I can do name and date embroidery on the lining of the gown. Please email me at