Monday, January 17, 2011

Few words from my heart

Would like to say thank you to Jess at Multitasking Woman Who Achieve Heaps for including my story in the Inspiring Woman articles . I hope in some small way this article will help to bring in much needed support to the angel cause.
Im not an angel mum, but I grew up around Angels . A lot of my own friends find it rather difficult to understand why I spent so much time talking to grieving mothers and fathers . Some of them , like many of your own friends , believe forget and dont speak of the departed babies is the easiest way to go through the life. How wrong are they ?
If only one person reading it gets strength and courage to reach out to a grieving family and not be afraid of the tears ... that will bring smile to my own face . Dont be afraid to mention Angel's names and lend a listening ear . Sharing tears and hugs is the biggest gift you can give to a grieving mum and dad , to their children and emidiate family .
Wishing you all a gentle day x x x Dana

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