Sunday, March 7, 2010

Santa Blog

Christmas is a time when the world celebrates , a time of Joy , a time when families are together. For many families however christmas is a time when there is a large piece of their hearts missing, where they are grieving the tragic loss of a child. Babies and children taken to soon due to Miscarriage, SIDS ,Illness , Accidents..

Santa thejollyfatman , here and on facebook my aim is to give Angels families a safe, warm place to go during this time (although Santa is around during the year)
A place where Angels are remembered as they should be, with Love and Respect. A place where their loved ones can be with others who understand just how hard this time of year is.

This is a special Santa who is there for Angel siblings as well, trying to support them, bring some joy and laughter and bring them just a little fun, a small break from everyday life. Helping them to remember their brother or sister in Heaven with other sibling who are feeling the same.

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