Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heartfelt poems written by my friend x

I dream
by Kay Nelson
I dream that you're in paradise,
A very perfect place,
Align CenterAnd that you are taken care of,
Better than I ever could,
I pray that you know only good,
And never come to know harm,
Where life is pure and simple,
Unlike the chaos down here,
I hope that you never miss me,
The way that I miss you,
That you are happy,
And know no fear,
I'll always be your momma,
You'll always be my baby.

by Kay Nelson
They ask me why I cry,
Even though they know you've gone,
They say its time to move on,
All though I never will,
They tell me I'm not the same,
I'll never be who I was,
They tell me you've gone to a better place,
But you aren't here with me.

by Kay Nelson
Please just understand,
These tears must fall,
I wear a mask to hide the sorrow,
You don't have to fix my problems,
Just understand my tears.

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