Monday, October 12, 2009

Grieving Parents support foruum on Our Angel Baby site

Welcome to Angel Baby for this is a place where we can honor the memory of our own angel baby and help to bring about peace in our lives. We are honored to have you here and are grateful that we have a new friend amongst us.
This site was created to help unite families with others in our situation. It is our hope that you will find others who can help you heal and ones that in turn you can help through your own experience. We come from all different backgrounds, races, and religious aspects. We each have our own story to tell. Some have lost their child due to miscarriage, stillbirth, others were born sick, and some have passed on from SIDS. Though we are all different we each have one thing in common we are now a part of an exclusive group one that none of us wanted to be a part of. However it is through our experiences, our friendships, and our strength that we can help one another to grow and to come to terms with our losses. We believe that in connecting one with another we can and will find a way to mend our hearts and forge new friendships with others that understand.

Angel Baby has opened its door to a brand new

Angel Parent support forum

we invite you to join our online community . You choose your own screen name and this adds a new privacy factor into our on line community xox hugs xox Dana and Angel Baby community

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