Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"The Smallest Angels are changing lives every day"

For so many of us seeing a positive pregnancy test creates a level of excitement within us that it is hard to contain oneself. Many of us can't wait to see the first scan, to see the heartbeat, to see our baby. Seeing the tiny precious bean on the screen makes it all real. It validates the reality of pending parenthood. It makes us feel 10 feet tall and flying on cloud nine, buzzing with excitement and our hearts are filled with so much love for the little human being, our baby. Our hopes. Our dreams. Our future.

Sadly a lot of pregnancies don't fill parents' arms with healthy bouncing babies. The world can and does come crushing down unexpectedly. So many lives are shattered due to early pregnancy loss and birth of angels without a single breath. A new kind of ‘normal' takes over. Pasting a 'happy smile' for the family and friends is a daily chore for so many grieving parents who would like nothing more than to be able to talk openly about their precious angels.

"...The moment that a mother finds out that her child has died is one that she will never forget. Time stood still, my heart stopped beating, and a big part of me died with her. No words can describe the feelings of looking down at your baby and seeing a sleeping angel. Even though you don't want to remember that day you never want to forget. Every moment, every detail, every tear is etched in your heart forever..."

~ Mary Nelda Williams, mum to precious angel Kimberly June

Our society needs to open its eyes to the impact and the ripple effect each angel baby brings into this world regardless of their age or weeks of gestation. The world's smallest angels are touching hearts of their parents, siblings, grandparents, family and friends. Why is it so hard to mention the name of an angel? Why do people expect parents to get over it and move on? How does one get over it? How can we ask parents to forget their precious babies? How is one to 'get over ‘holding their lifeless baby in their arms? How can anyone ask parents to forget their hopes? Their dreams? Their child? No parent should ever have to walk the path of grief on their own. Instead we as society should ask ourselves how can we help those walking in the mists of their darkest hours.

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