Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Parents grieving together by Cameron Tait 9/09/09

ANY parent who has suffered through the death of a baby will tell you it's a pain like no other - nobody expects to outlive their children.

From a time of unbridled excitement and joy at seeing the first ultrasound and feeling on top of the world, the profound grief and overwhelming devastation can become all too much.

The news of impending parenthood fills hearts with love as children represent hopes, dreams and futures.

However, for some parents it all comes crashing down and their lives are shattered due to unexpected early pregnancy loss, or the birth of their precious miracle without a single breath.

Suddenly, they feel they have to put on a brave face for their family and friends, when all they really want to do is talk openly about their loss of their baby.

It's a personal and tormenting journey and a never-ending nightmare that is often endured alone.

As reported in the Banner in January, Dana Konski, who runs a business making baby clothes, has helped many local parents by producing special gowns and burial cocoons in which to bury their little one following a miscarriage or still-birth.

Ms Konski has donated dozens of these garments to hospitals across Melbourne.

She discovered the need for the service after joining a Facebook group called Angel Babies Gone Too Soon.

More recently, the Hoppers Crossing mother has co-founded a website that provides a support network and forum for bereaved parents. "It's a group nobody wants to belong to," she said.

"The loss of a baby never goes away and it often creates a strong sense of helplessness.

"We provide a chatroom where parents can talk with other parents, ask questions and generally help each other through the grieving process."

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