Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The legacy of precious angel Kristopher Owen Randolph Verge

On November 25th 2006 at 2:30am we lost our son Kristopher Owen Randolph Verge at 18 weeks of pregnancy. He was a perfect tiny baby boy. Just under 7 inches long. We were so excited to know that God after 2 years of infertility treatments had gifted us with this tiny little angel..However fleeting our moments together had been. Every life leaves their mark on the world ,and on our hearts. His mark has been left on mine forever. It was so very bittersweet for all of our family, including his two precious big brothers.
.Terralynn, Kristopher's 2nd Birthday in Heaven...
On Kristopher's Birthday the following year I had to have something to do, to keep my mind off of our loss however difficult that is. I decided with my sister's help, I would create memory boxes like the precious one I had been given on the day we lost our son..I had no idea how to create these. and set off to Michael's craft store to pick up some treasures to start my little angel's legacy. It was a struggle and a few messy failures..
24th Nov 2008 -We had to get a wheelchair
to bring the boxes in cause there so much ..
I was SOOOO excited about it..

But eventually myself, and my sister, had created such beautiful masterpieces we felt for sure our tiny angel was smiling down on us. We completed the tiny bears to be placed inside, and headed towards the steps of the hospital where he was born 1 year exactly before. It was the first time I walked inside the hospital since we handed him to the nurse, and with heavy hearts, and minds walked away from our precious son..Now in the arms of God I know he is waiting for us. It was difficult to go there. But it did feel so much better doing something productive, to help with the intense pain I felt that day. The anniversary of his birth.

Since that 1st birthday every year we strive to create beautiful boxes to bring to the hospital he was born in, along with Kristopher's bears to donate to other grieving mothers and fathers. And their precious siblings. This year we brought over 20 boxes, and 50 bears to the hospital amazingly with help from my sister Cherish and my friend Michele.

My sister Cherish

Thank you to my best friend. It heals my heart a little more with each one I hand over to the nurses. It does help me with my grief, at the same time that I may be helping to heal others. I want to say that my child touched my life so profoundly that I will, and could never forget him. These boxes are just my way of paying it forward, to those in need of a hug, or a smile, or the brief touch of my angel's wings in each of his beautiful boxes. I thank God for helping guide my hand to be steady, and for blessing me with our Kristopher. I know in my heart of hearts..He will always in this life be remembered as long as I walk this earth. A moment in my arms but forever in my heart...
Terralynn Verge.. Mommy of angel Kristopher

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Lynda said...

Wow!! That is so awesome!! What a great way to celebrate and remember you angel!!