Monday, June 1, 2009

Hi! Im Here! The Heather you want to see
I'll smile, work, and clean and be who you need me to be.
But when you ask me how I am the answer will be fake
because the real answer is going to be hard for you to take.
You want me to be fine and the truth is I never will be.
I am without my sons and that means a part of me will never be.
I hate to be around people because I feel out of place.
But being alone is very scary because my demons I have to face.
So when you tell me you want me to be fine
take a moment and decide what that is. Define.
The old Heather has died and now I am here.
And sometimes you'll have to understand it's you I just can't be near.
written by
Heather mum to precious angels Marshall and Jonah

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