Friday, June 26, 2009

A Birth of an Angel
poem written by Mary Nelda Williams
"I sent you an angel today"the Lord whispered in my ear.
As I held my newborn baby, my eyes filling up with tears.
"Why Lord? Why me? Why was she the one called home?
Why couldn't it have been me Lord? Is my baby all alone?
Did I fail as a mother? Did her soul gently go?
Did she suffer in her passing? Did she really really know?
How much I truly loved her. How much I truly cared.
Now all I have is her body. I'm trying hard to stare.
To embed in my mind her image, so I never will forget
The angel that you have set before me, The angel that I have met."
He gently whispered to me"It's not your fault at all.
She was so pure and perfect and for that I had to call
Upon her name to sit beside me, where forever she will remain.
She only had to gain her body,
for she was worthy before you even knew her name.
You did your job as a mother, your love was not in vain.
She knew that you loved her and she will never be the same.
For when I let her go and entrusted her to you.
I told her and others like her that there were a chosen few-
A select group of mommies whose hearts could endure
and with faith everlasting, with love just as pure,
the separation from their child for they would come to understand
that I am God their father and their children are forever in my hands.One day you will be with her for all eternity,
The waiting will be worth it" he promised this to me
As I looked down at my angel with tears streaming down my eyes.
I gently kissed her forehead and said my last goodbyes.
"Mommy loves you my darling, I won't be very long at all.
I will wait patiently each day until God should finally call.
I will meet you on the other side. Right at the pearly gates.
I will run and scoop you up and kiss your pretty face."
As my baby left me and they took her away.
I knew that I was different than when I woke up that day.
For I had witnessed a miracle, one that I will never forget.
The day I birthed one of his angels, the day that we first met.
*In memory of my JuneBug ~ Kimberly June Williams ~
and all of her heavenly friends*

Thank you once again. I pray and hope that this poem will touch the lives of other angel moms as it has mine already. As you know I like to believe that God has answered my prayers when I asked for a sign to let me know whether or not my child was ok. I was blown away by what came forth from within.
I am not sure whether or not I should take credit for this. Perhaps I am just a tool in God's hands and it really is a message to let us know that our little ones are fine. Either way I thank God for the inspiration and pray that it will move those that read it. Mary Nelda Williams

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