Friday, May 29, 2009

Precious angel Rillee Charlotte

I have offered to make a set of identical twin silk white blankets for the precious angel Rillee who grew wings very early in pregnancy.

Rillee's angel mummy provided me the details for the embroidery and she asked for the detailed hand and feet ribbon to be placed on the blanky. As you can see it is " walking " across the corner opposite to the pink personalised embroidery.

Rillee Charlotte
Lent not Given
Mummy's little angel
R.I.P. sweet little angel


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dana so very much, they are perfect xxxx

Unique Gowns said...

Hi, I hoped that today would be an appropriat day to validate the life of your precious angel. I have a candle buring for your precious angel Rillee. She is in heavens playground chasing all the little angels. Dear angel mummy i am sending you loving hugs oxoxox Dana