Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angel Kristopher Owen Randolph

I have posted this angel keepsake gown to angel mum Terralynn in Canada. It was her hearts desire to be able to place a gown in her angel's memory box, something she would be able to hold and cherish .

Terralynn mum to precious angel Kristopher is an amazing woman. She has been hand painting wooden memory keepsake boxes and taking them to her local hospital to be donated to new angel parents. She is an inspiration to so many angel parents in Alberta Canada. I am so glad to have her support and commitment to our private Angel Baby group on facebook .Dear Terralynn , I am sending you loving hugs Dana

Dragonfly memorial poem
A thousand tears or more these eyes have cried
and a thousand more lay in wait -
I am bathed with them
and yet my heart is still broken,
and all that is within me aches
with the loss of you, the wanting of you.
There is never a time for this that is right
-never a way that can prepare the heart
for this reft -you have passed through
my arms too soon, like sand flowing through fingers
I could not hold you here, though
I would try.
I know that your spirit flies free
and in the quiet depths of my heart, I can see you still
in the rhythm of the waves upon the shore
in the crisp fall air that fills my chest,
in the iridescent gleam of each dragonfly
skimming the surface between heaven and earth
Unknown Author

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terralynn verge said...

Dana you render me speechless..You are such a beautiful and amazing human being..I can merely say thank you for giving our family..Just one more tangible memory to remember our much loved boy..I believe that when we leave this world we will be repayed for all our labours here on earth..You my dear should find total and utter fulfillment beyond all people..xo The Verge Family,Terralynn, and baby boy Kristopher watching you from heaven..xo