Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Babies Remembered Sherokee's site

"Our hearts are broken, Our world seems like it has ended. Our dreams, our hopes and our future with this child are over. Our precious baby has died."An excerpt from my first book, Empty Arms.

"Dear new friend,
...While no one can understand exactly how you feel and what you need, those of us who have had a child die at least might know some of what your journey is like. I'd like to take the pain away and make you better. But I know I cannot--that pain, those tears and all that love honor your child and how much they meant to you. Instead I share these pages of resources with you in hopes that you come to understand that many of us have lived through the nightmare of the death of our children mostly through the support and love of others. I also thank God for holding me in the palm of His hand and guiding me to this mission in life...
You are not totally alone, though you may feel that way. The human and universal feelings of love and grief and sorrow and missing them bind us together. My wish is that you will find comfort, guidance, opportunities for shared tears and yes, even laughter...

Be not afraid, for you are not alone.Sherokee

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