Sunday, March 15, 2009

Progress on the new overseas order

Well, today the new order from U.S.A. kept me busy .... I thought you might like to see how things are moving along.

After this beautiful soft off white silk has been embellished with the custom silk thread embroidery it was time to pin the layers of venice lace in place. A lot of care needs to be taken when joining the layers together. The lace stretches easily if this part of the job is rushed.

I love this photo ! It shows off the generous width of the skirt. Upon completion the unisex Sam christening gown will be 200 cm wide and.... roughly around 95cm long from shoulder to the hemline....


Anonymous said...

*tears* oh Dana its STUNNING!!!
Kailen is so honored that you are making him a gown. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Katman said...

looks like a lot of work going into that!!!! you've a heck of a lot more patience than i could ever muster :-)