Monday, March 16, 2009

Personalised Unisex Sam gown

Early this morning I have posted the order to California. Since Kai's christening is just around the corner, his mum agreed to Express Courier International service. I have been advised the parcel should be delivered by this Thursday.
Kai's christening robe is one of two ever handmade in this design.The beautiful off white venice lace is complemented with the delicate off white silk vine custom embroidery splashed around the bottom of the silk dupion skirt. The same silky embroidery embellishment decorates the matching unisex D silk booties and the christening bonnet.


Katman said...

that is absolutely lovely Dana. nice one.

hope all's well. it's great to be back blogging again! i'll be dropping in as usual now.

Trish said...

Beautiful gown!! Your talents never fail to amaze me, Dana!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dana - You have truly truly made my dream of a heavenly baptismal gown come true. I received the box yesterday and grabbed it and ran to my friends house (it was her gift) so she could open it. We ripped through the box and immediately we both cried. How beautiful. wow. Words can not describe the way my jaw hit the ground. That is truly the most beautiful gown I have ever seen.
I am so blessed to have found you. How can I ever repay you for the beautiful memories you have now made for me. Getting pics as you made the gown and sharing the excitement with you as it came together. And now having beautiful portraits of my sweet miracle on his baptism day. wow. You are such an amazing person.
The work you do with angel babies, the way your hands work magic everyday. You are truly doing the work of an angel. I hope you know how much you are appreciated. Without you, my dream of having a gown for my chubby bubby would have never come true. They don't account for chubby babies in the baptismal gown world. Who would have thought an 8 month old would be wearing 18 month sizes? *lol*

thank you thank you thank you. You have done a gorgeous job. I can't wait to show you pictures. Rae