Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free baby burial blanket design

Beth from U.S.A. asked to share my angel burial cocoon design . Unfortunately I am not able to do so - due to the copyright protection on all of my designs. However, I have promised her that I will design a brand new angel burial blanket that will be free to download for anyone who is wishing to do so provided the blankets are donated free of charge to the hospitals and foundations for distributions.

O.k. I have taken four different photos of my new angel blanket design.
Below is the full view ... above several close ups.

Two blue lines - width W and length L
Four green lines - two mark the fabric fold lines , other two show where the access fabric needs to be cut.
A B C D mark the measurements which will be changing according to the gestation age. Once the points are marked - draw a straight green line to join those points and trim access fabric.All corners will need to be gently rounded off - I have used the straight line to show visually an easy to follow step by step pattern.
Red line - divided into 3 parts , I will be providing measurements for each width according to the gestation age.
NOTE : all measurements are in cm

Gestation .L -W . 1 - 2- 3 .A -B-C-D
20 weeks 36 .24 5 -10 - 9 . 10-6-12-14
26 weeks .44 .33 .5-15-13 . 12-8-14-16
32 weeks 57 42 .7-20-15 . 13-10-15-16
40 weeks 68 46 . 7-22-17 .14-11-15-16


Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you, thank you. I will start on these as soon as I can and will send you a pic when I have one ready. I have already started the process here for donating these to the local hospital. Thanks again for all you work and support

Unique Gowns said...

You are welcome :) Have you though of handwritting a little note and attaching it to each of your blankets ? Dana