Monday, February 23, 2009

Angel Wings

By Jean Rozon
Written in memory of her baby granddaughter, Vivienne.

A precious angel slipped away,
no one heard a cry.
No time for Daddy and Mommy
to sing me lullabies.
My time with you was much too short,
I had to leave so soon.
But love had joined us as I grew
inside my mommy's womb.
It wove its way within our hearts,
in all our hopes and dreams,
until the very purest love
became my tiny wings.
Although I could not stay with you,
I knew right from the start
that once you felt your angel's love,
you'd keep me in your heart.
I'm just a little angel
but my time was not in vain,
as dark clouds that surrounded you
gave way unto the sun.
My precious parents you will see
that any heart will sing,
if only for a moment
it is brushed by angel wings.

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