Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mothers loving poem after a loss of her son Oliver.

I am honored to have received the permission from Lizzie to share her loving poem with all of you. Lizzie wrote this heartfelt poem after untimely loss of her precious angel Oliver. Please leave a comment for Lizzie, as I am sure she will keep an eye on your response.
OLIVER GIBBS 12.12.1996
I'll never see your little face
I'll never hear you cry
I'll never change your nappy
Or hear your contented sigh
I'll never watch you take a step
Or hear you laugh out loud
I'll never see you go to school
Mixing with the crowd
I'll never buy you your fist bike
Never watch you play
I'll never give a mothers love
You'll never have today
I'll never see my little boy
Who was never meant to be
But it's not true that you were never
Deep inside of me.

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Anonymous said...

Lizzie this is beautiful poem . Thank you A.