Friday, January 30, 2009

poem from " Angel Babies...gone too soon" facebook

Blessing from Above
by Erin McSparron

I picture you with angels 'round,
In Jesus' arms you rest.
I'd hoped to rock and sing to you,
But your father, He knew best.
So instead of earthly sin,
He took you home to share.
The wonders of the Heaven's,
And the Angels flying there.
He called you home with purpose done,
For us it's hard to see.
But the comfort in His saving grace,
Has us on bended knee.
It doesn't make it easy,
Yes, it's still so very hard.
But knowing you're safe in Heaven,
Is a comfort for our hearts.
So as you watch from up above,
Know our love for you goes on.
With special memories of holding you,
Our one and only son.
But now we pray to God for healing,
And we bless His holy name.
For in His life and death we know,
We'll see you once again.

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