Saturday, January 24, 2009

280th posting today - WOW !

Today's post marks a mile stone in my blogging life - 280 posts up till this day ! Where does the time go ? I started off not knowing what to expect , scared of the unknown I suppose !
I have been working on the design for the little angels romper.28 weeks of gestation is the smallest I can get to. It has been a challenge to get the measurements just right . No wonder, when you are talking about a romper 25 cm long ( 10") from shoulder to the foot. I mean , it is really so micro :) I will be using the zig zag to finish the arm hole. There is no way an overlocker would trim off the edges ! I am a perfectionist . Everything has to be just so or I will not follow through with the work. I do hope to post few photos tomorrow night. I think I will compare this amazing size to a 0000 christening romper . Do pop in tomorrow for the unveiling of the baby boy white silk angel burial romper. Dana

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