Sunday, December 14, 2008

Burial gowns - Very special new project

Today I would like you to take a look at my new range - these
are tiny burial gowns I have been working on.I will be donating them through Bonnie Babies Foundation.
I intend on hand making a silk range of burial gowns.They will be sold in sets of two. One for the Angels burial and the other for the grieve stricken parents as a keepsake . The smallest one so far is 20 weeks of gestation through to 40 weeks. All gowns will be ready for immediate collection from Hoppers Crossing Melbourne or same day Express post service with in Australia.

Although the gowns are so tiny and very fiddly to work on - the quality is spot on. All seams are overlocked or zig zaged in hard to get places. Only the best laces and trims will be used in their construction.

As you are aware, I have been looking into doing some volunteering work around babies. I have realised that there is one tabu topic that not many people talk about. Did you know that one in every four pregnancies brings an Angel baby into this world ? I didn't know ! I have spoken to a group of grieving mums who despite their recent tragic losses of their babies were very forthcoming about the burial ordeals that they had faced.I have been told,that the heartache of loosing a baby was followed by a despair of grieving parents who searched in vain for a well fitted burial garment for their precious Angels. I have done several Google searches for "burial gowns" - to my total disbelief it returned one page . Half - was related to support groups. I know that a lot of you mind find it very difficult to read , but I do believe we need to validate the Baby Angels. From now on, I will be placing regular postings about the precious lives lost .....oxoxDana

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