Thursday, December 11, 2008

Angel Babies...Gone too soon

Good morning my visitors ! I want to apologise for luck of regular posts on my blog :) I am looking into volunteering my knowledge and sewing skills into some of the charities. From a very beginning of my life everything about me has been about the babies. I love them, they are so tiny , hopeless and dependant on us, adults. I am a mother of three .I spend first 10 years of my married life in nappies... we a ll know what that is like . My youngest was the horror.... till the age of 3.5 he would scream for his milk 5 - 6 times every night !!! Until the day he learnt how to do it himself !!! Now these are the memories every parent can relate to ! We all have our good stories and bad stories, don't you agree ?
What about the parents who have lost their children due to miscarriage ? Stillbirth ? Infant death ? Some will never be able to hold those types of memories in their hearts. However they will Cherish the little time they had with their precious Angels ! So many loving parents have been sharing their stories with me on the facebook post. I do thank every single mum who had courage to share those precious memories with me ! I am so proud of your strength and composure , your honesty and blunt to the point descriptions . Thank you so much for allowing me to grow through your loving memories.I Thank you for your trust ! All of your stories have touched my heart ! You have made me cry .... you made me realise how precious my own children are !
I would like to share with you a couple of poems .

This one is from Lucy
"If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again"
and this poem is Mishelle's comfort
i/we thought of u today, but that is nothing new,
we thought of you yesterday and will tomorrow too.
we think of you in silence, and give no outward show,
of what it means to lose you, only those who love you know,
remembering you is easy, we do it everyday,
ts the heartache of losing you that never goes away.


Anonymous said...

Your gowns are beautiful. Thank you for being there for many of us who have lost our babies.
Our daughter Jenna Annabella was born stillborn May 13th,2008. Not a day goes by that there isnt the what if's,how come,questions of why!
Dealing with a death is hard , then to shop for an outfit your child will be buried in is even harder. To have the option of a gown , poem and maybe a little teddy is amazing. We were lucky with all our daughter was given from the hospital. So to have the blankets , outfit,sweater and hat and little teddy that she was wearing when we got to hold her are all keepsakes that we will treasure. But to have something that is ofcourse a double of what she was wearing in her casket - or just the material would have been nice.
I hope you can bring comfort to many as you have for all of us who have written or commented on your beautiful idea's.
Take care
xoxo April
Thank you for being there for all of us

Anonymous said...

Hello April
I am so sorry to hear about Jenna Annabella. It breaks my heart when I hear of little Angels going to heaven too soon. April , I want to thank you for writting about your Precious Angel. Your strength gives me wings :) Although it is really hard to work on Angel gowns I do it to show grieving parents that someone does care !!! Hugs and kisses to your Angel and to you for sharing your pain with me and my readers. oxox Dana