Saturday, November 15, 2008

Three piece organza christening gown

This is the edging of the lovely white crytal organza. Can you see the 10 mm white satin ribbon weaved through ? It adds such an impressive detail to the fabric, don't you agree ?

I have gathered a 200 cm wide and 70 cm long piece of extra soft white silk dupion. I have placed it inside the almost finished white crystal organza overlay for a sneak pick at the work ahead ...

The opening of the front is finished off with a hidden seam with a help from a 10 mm white satin ribbon.

Doesn't it look lovely ? I think,I am well on the way with this new baby girl christening gown ! I will leave the silk hem plain. The organza is so busy with the embroidered detail, I wouldn't want to overdo it . As I always say, "less is more ".
I have just finished my work on this baptismal creation for today. Now, it is time for a cuppa and popping in to Stitchin Fingers for a browse...

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