Saturday, November 29, 2008

Starlight foundation - office banner

I have been approached to design a Christmas banner for
Starlight Foundation 's office. It will be the first thing people see as they enter the office. The donated banner will be draped across the desk . I will post pics once I receive them.

Well, it has been decided that the two Christmas angels should be the main theme. I have chosen red and green threads for the embroidery.

A lovely Christmas cotton print was used to make a boarder around the embroidery and the banner itself.

Embroidery in progress....

About Starlight
Living with illness or injury can cause enormous strain in the lives of children and their families. The pain, loneliness and isolation that sick children feel dominates their lives, and they often miss out on normal experiences that healthy children take for granted.
Physical recovery is only part of the solution. Starlight delivers
innovative programs designed to make children happy and lift their spirits when they need it most. Starlight brings fun and laughter to children no matter what their illness or where they live.
To find out more or to make a donation please visit Starlight website

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