Friday, November 21, 2008

Restoration of the family heirloom christening jacket

I have been asked to freshen up a 60 yr. old christening jacket. I have taken lots of "before" and "after "shots for you to have a look at. I have to tell you , I have enjoyed this job ! The handstitching of this christening garment has been done with such a perfection ! Handsmocked front panels and the collar have been embellished with a tiny little pink rosettes ! I have been told, that this christening jacket has been made by a great grandmother for her granddaughter's christening 60 years ago. Now, the 4 month old baby boy - being the great-great-grandson will wear this family heirloom to his christening. I have been asked to hand make an Angel christening gown for him. With slight change in the design - instead of the Angel embroidery I will be placing a handsmocked silk panel to complement the handsmocked panels in the jacket.

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