Sunday, November 16, 2008

Press release Unique Christening Gowns

Unique Christening Gowns by Dana has expanded its already growing selection with a stylish summer collection. It includes a range of more unisex summer heirloom gowns, suitable for both boys and girls.The handmade Unique Christening Gowns summer collection is available for your viewing at our showroom in Hoppers Crossing. Only the softest silks, laces and highest quality trimmings are used to design and create this precious christening wear collection.
We offer heirloom traditional gowns, dresses and outfits that include handmade coordinated bonnet and booties. The quality is such that your Christening outfit can be passed on to future generations as family heirloom gowns. As an extended area of expertise I also specialise in restoring customers’ own family keepsakes to maintain a sense of tradition.With nine years experience, there is a guarantee of expert craftsmanship that will impress the whole family and friends. One-off baptismal gowns are made to your specifications. Size, design, embroidery and choice of trimmings are entirely individualised.
A lot of care goes into the perfect hand finish of each christening garment. You will appreciate the fact that all seams are bound, hidden away from your child's skin, avoiding any skin irritation. If your child suffers from any skin conditions please inform me and I will line the silk christening garment with a silk lining. Silk, being a natural fabric, will make your child very comfortable and safe from irritations. You will love the current 120 baptismal gowns on display!You are welcome to make an appointment with Dana to discuss your personal christening gowns designs. Visit Unique Christening Gowns Website or Unique Christening Gowns Blog to view our current orders being handmade .

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