Sunday, November 9, 2008

Next step in hand making of heirloom gown

In today's blog I will share with you in step form how to achieve a nice finish with a laced edge short sleeve.
Cut the short sleeve than You will need to pre cut the matching sleeve width of the silk, can I suggest a 45mm wide piece ?

As you know silk tends to a lot, so I think you need to overlock or zig zag the edges ! It will save you a lot of heartache during the sleeves construction.

stitch in place the side seam and zig zag or overlock it. Place the right side of the silk and the lace together.... facing each other. Stitch right around the arm opening - 4 mm from the edge.

now, the 45mm facing the right side of the silk panel facing the just stitched lace.....

This is a second view of the facing panel. Can you see the side seams in the panel and the sleeve ? Both should match up nicely. Place pins to keep the facing from moving around. Than you need to stitch along the same seam stitch as in the previous step.... this time the thickness of the fabric increases and you might need to stitch at a slower machine speed....

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