Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Going back to the embroidery of the white silk panel

Today I will return to the hand making of the white traditional christening gown. If you recall , last week I have embroidered this front panel with a very flattering heirloom embroidery pattern.

This is a 25mm wide white venice( guipure) lace trimming with a scalloped edge. It complements the embroidery design perfectly.
The front panel is 60 cm wide.This white lace is stitched onto the overlocked sides of t he front panel. The scallop facing towards the heirloom embroidery.

Once, the white bemsilk lining is pleated and the hemline finished off with a narrow nylon trim , the two skirt pieces are joint together.

The centre of both sleeves has been machine embroidered with the same white silk embroidery thread. The short sleeves will be gathered slightly at the top ....

The skirt in this new traditional christening gown is 250 cm wide and 72 cm long. Once the top body is stitched in place , the total length of this baby girl's baptismal will be around84 cm. Please email any enquiries to direct to me. I would be happy to hear from you. Dana

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