Friday, November 14, 2008

Embroidered organza overlay baptism gown

I have uploaded the photos for the third time.... still not in order ! I hope you won't mind it. I have found this gorgeous embroidered white crystal organza with a 10mm white satin ribbon weaved through it . Since it is the beginning of summer , here in Australia, I have designed a totally brand new baby girl's christening gown ! I intend to make a traditional long white silk baptismal gown with a sleeveless
organza overlay .

I have begun by cutting the one piece yoke for the overlay.As you can see the embroidered organza has a small flower pattern. I have bound the arm holes and the back of the neck with some white lining. The front of the organza jacket will have a white double sided ribbon running from the neck down to the hemline. It will complement the satin ribbon already in the organza design.

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