Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aneira - new silk and crystal organza creation

Today,I had a pleasure of meeting Marjana and both of her beautiful girls. Baby Aneira is being baptised early December. Her mum fell in love with the newest addition to my christening gowns collection.Since than I have spoken to Marjana and received an email. I would like to share with you parts of her email.....

Hi Dana,

Thanks again for showing us the gowns this afternoon. They are all so beautiful! As discussed over the phone, I would like to purchase the gown you are currently working on (with the organza overlay) and the matching bonnet.Can you please post these to my home address ?

Thanks again Dana.

Kind regards,

You need to know, that currently I have over 120 christening gowns on display at my showroom. Yet, this new lovely, flowy and crisp summer baptism gown design - still in pieces and without bonnet to show - melted Marjana's heart.

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