Thursday, October 16, 2008

We are ready for your visit !

We are ready to to have a chat with you ! This is our Unique Christening Gowns stall .Tomorrow morning, I will take with me around 60 christening gowns, christening dresses and boys baptismal outfits. The One Off christening gowns will be available for purchase during the Expo. I have a wide range of baby blankets with the Irish prayer ready for embroidery of your baby's names. Those will be express posted during the week after the Expo.
We are located at f8 , but make sure you collect your floor plan for easier navigation. Apparently this year there is in excess of 200 stalls at the Expo.
As you can see from the photos ,Our booth has a baby doll sitting right on the top of the walls. The doll is wearing an off white satin christening gown and the bonnet. See you at the Expo...... Dana

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